One of my resolutions for 2019
20 Jan 2019
My wow moment - shot A
alt="alt attribute: An awesomely vivid coloured sunset with the boathouse which I lived in. This photo was taken by me mari m."
Today I was writing to reply to an email from one of my friend.
He asked me, "Do you miss living on the water in the Boat House ???"

So I wrote ,"Yes, we really miss the boathouse, she is so rare, adorable and so beautiful. 
I’ll never ever forget wonderful/awesome/glad moments at the house and our small bay…"
(T v T) 

Then I picked two photos to show him one of my WOW moment at the boathouse. 
And I brought these photos here hoping also some of visitors here will enjoy them…
(^ v ^)
My wow moment - shot B
alt="alt attribute: Same sunset with the boathouse. This shot has more larger part of the boathouse in the composition. Photo taken by mari m"
The first shot has not edited at all, it has exactly same colours as the scene really had at that moment. 
The second shot was too bright because of the camera setting and angle.
So I carefully edited second shot so that it has same colours in the first shot. 
(^ v ^)

Actually I had been taking tremendous amount of photo shots while living in this place. 
And I said that I’d like to share my photos taken at the boathouse with my friend family who kindly allow us to live in the house for years.
 But since then a lots of obstacles came to me, and I could not start that photo work. 
This year I would like to start it and achieve a nice result.
And I’d like to share these photos on my blog or other pages on my site.
This is one of my resolutions for 2019.
(^ v ^)

Thank you for reading this post. 
I wish your resolutions for 2019 will nicely come true.
(^ v ^)
And have a lovely day today.

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