I love seeing fireworks and countdown NYE TV-show in my place and it’s the best place to spend the special moment for me! 100% Relaxed and 200% fun! Perfect moment for me!!
\(^ 0 ^)/ 
I took some snaps from our balcony, but for my 100mm lens(my longest one among my cameras), the sparkles were small in the frames unexpectedly. And from there, I can’t see the Bridge and the Opera House and even a part of water, so I wasn’t able to see main sparkles, but at least I was able to catch some small fires in my shots, so I’m happy. 
When I was living in Potts Point, I always could see the part of the "fireworks" on the Harbour from our windows and always could felt the smell of smoke, but in my new place, I wasn’t able to feel the smell at all while I can hear the very very loud screams of the birds(or batts?) in the nearby tree patch. 
It seemed the sound of the fireworks were enough great to panic(or celebrate?) them. Noisy cute screams made my husband and me smile.
(^ v ^)(> v <) 
And I was surprised that I hadn’t been knowing such huge number of birds living in that tree patch!! I usually don’t hear the song of birds in the daytime or in the night there and can’t see them at all.
(^ o ^)>"

By the way, I recently found a big flight of birds(batts) in the distant view in this snapshot taken at the moment. (They were close to the right fireworks.)
handheld, ISO 3200, 100mm, 1/25 sec at f/2.8, -1 EV, Canon 5D Mark III, photo by mari m © 2018
I didn’t notice them at all when I took that shot.
And I reckon they aren’t our noisy timid neighbours. But I can be sure that they also were in crazy panic mode(or festive mode). Cute!
(^ v ^)

Thank you for reading it.
(^ v ^)/
I wish you a lovely day!

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