In the twilight
alt="Photography of a little bit sad mood of some blooms in the twilight. This photo was taken by mari m."
I love taking photos of not-so-young flower-blooms. 
They are still so beautiful and always have a little bit sad mood especially in the last light of the Sun or in the twilight. 
 I don’t feel such a special mood in younger blooms. 
And their emotion, drama and the delicate beauty of decay always so fascinate me deeply. 

I took this shot in 2015. 
It was after the sunset, so was a little bit dark to take a photo. 
 But I think I was able to catch the mood in it.
Since then, whenever I see this photo, I can recall the exceptional feeling, 
then I came to want to edit it in Photoshop to show the emotions in the air at that moment more strikingly.
And I’m happy about this result.
I named it "In the twilight", because it was in the twilight and the blooms were also in the twilight of their life. 

Anyway I don’t know the plant name of them in this shot and if you would know the name and let me know it, I would be so glad and appreciate it so much. 

I’m going to release the products made with this photo on Redbubble. And this is my first release on Redbubble. 
Photos below are showing a part of products.
If somebody like something, I would be so happy. 
(^ v ^)
Thank you for reading this blog post. 
I wish you a twinkling day!
(^ v ^)✨🌈
PS. 62 products using my photo "In the twilight" now available! 
(^ v ^)
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