Leaves in the Offbeat Red Light

Leaves in the Offbeat Red Light

I took this shot at a very famous cafe.
They have a lot of lovely plats in their place and I found these baby leaves were 
quivering in the wind and illuminated by such eccentric red light. 
It was so dark to take photos.
Auto Focus didn’t work and I didn’t bring my tripod. 
So I needed to choose not-so-slow shutter speed, manual focus using display
 and high ISO setting of my camera. 
Overall it was not an easy shot, but I didn’t need to adjust it afterward almost at all 
(I only added some sharpness for web view while I didn’t change colours and other elements at all!) 
 Now I just feel this result is not so bad…
(^ v ^)>"
 So I recently shared it and two more pics with one of my photographer friends via email 
and today I was wondering, 
if some of visitors of this blog would enjoy seeing these leaves a bit, I would be so happy…
(^ A ^)
A Cute Rooster in the Lovely Sunlight 

A Cute Rooster in the Lovely Sunlight 

I love seeing and patting cute animals so much. 
So my husband took me to Cronulla Easter Show (1 April this year) as he wanted to see my specially big smiles.
 And he definitely could see a lot!
(> v <) 
Around  that week my heart was focusing on the works for making my website 
but I forgot them at that moment and just fully enjoyed the happy and relaxing mood and smiled a lot…
(^ v ^)
A Scene With A Beautiful Vintage Car

A Scene With A Beautiful Vintage Car

I took this shot at this year’s Cronulla Pre-WWII Vintage Car & Bike Show. 
And I finished adjustment of this shot a few days ago.
And I will add this version to my "random 2018" photo page on my website as I like it.
The strange orangey tone/light in this shot is actually natural because of the bushfires on that Sunday (15 April)…

Thank you for reading such a long post.
I wish you a brilliant day.

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