A shot of a sign at the "Vivid Sydney" festival

A shot of a sign at the "Vivid Sydney" festival

Recently I wanted to add some colours to my email to reply to my friend's mail, 
so I edited and attached these two photos.

I took these two shots at "Vivid Sydney".
(Vivid Sydney is an annual festival of light, music and ideas, held in Sydney Australia.)
Since I had these photos as already edited ones, so I was wondering,
 if one of visitors of this blog would enjoy something in these photos, I would be happy.
(^ v ^)>"

First one is a scene with a big sign at the festival.

Does it looks a bit like a failure? hehehe.
(> v <)
I’m always interested in all the signs especially such ones. 
But the area around this sign was so crowded, 
so my tripod was constantly kicked and punched by people during the 30 second long exposure. 
(> v <) 
So the resulting shot is gorgeously motion-blurred naturally!
(^ v ^)
Actually I couldn't help giggling in front of unbelievably frequently kicked tripod in the 30 second.  
((((> v <))))
This shot reminds me of the lively atmosphere of the event and the giggles of me at that moment and always makes my heart bubbly, so it’s not a failure for me.
(^ v ^)
About camera maker HQ and my memories.

I like visiting Vivid Sydney sites in the cold nights in Jun. 
This year there was no Canon headquarters at MCA as it seems Canon is not an event sponsor anymore. 
We used to enjoy seeing and touching many gorgeous Canon equipment there,
and could rent many equipment too, 
and I used to rent very interesting 11-24 mm extremely wide lens or others one night only. 
Actually the lenses are very expensive if I really buy from camera shop, 
but Canon had been offering these lens with very low rental price at the HQ.
It was so exciting and fun experiences and I will be able to have resulting photos forever. 
What a great offer, they had been giving. 

I want to make "My Vivid Sydney photos" page on this site in the near future, 
but so far, you can see some of them taken with such rental lenses on these pages.
blue tree shot with Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM Lens
red low angle bridge shot and tree shot with legs of people
with Canon EF16-35mm F2.8L II USM Lens
I heard that Samsung is new sponsor, 
but they didn’t make HQ at the site this year.
(^ A ^)
A bird's-eye shot of people enjoying the "Vivid Sydney"

A bird's-eye shot of people enjoying the "Vivid Sydney"

About the second photo.
Anyway I enjoy two night there this year in very relaxing mode for the first time. 
(I was more serious photographer at the festival over the past few years , hehehe)
And I like this shot which has so many people enjoying the event like me.
(^ - ^)

Thank you for reading this post.
(^ v ^)
I wish you a lot of twinkling moment today and always.

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