An Iceberg rose bloom and a bud

An Iceberg rose bloom and a bud

Hi, how are you everybody?
I have been wanting to make a new blog post here, 
but I had not been having enough time to do it due to various circumstances.
So now I'm so happy to be able to make a new one here.
\(^ v ^)/

Recently, I picked some photos just randomly from the pile of my photos 
to add colours to my reply mail to an emails from one of my photographer friends,
 and she said she liked them. 
So today I was wondering, 
if some of visitors of this blog would enjoy seeing these pics a bit, I would be so happy…
(^ v ^)>"

And I’m going to these post the pics little by little on my blog pages.
This rose photo is the first one.
I used to lived in a rental old boathouse which is over 100 years old and standing by the sea.  
This boathouse’s 3/4 foundation pillars are placed in the seawater. 
So seeing outside from one of the windows of the house let me feel as if I had been on the boat on seawater. 
I enjoyed seaside life fully and I took this rose shot at our seaside rose garden bed.
I miss my roses…
(T o T)

I edited this photo using Lightroom photo editing app. 
Actually I have many photos of our roses at the garden bed with many adjustment presets which I created. 
And this soft toning preset is one of them.
I created many such presets because we had only white simple Iceberg roses beside of the boathouse. 
So I often wanted to play with many other colours in my photo editing.
If some of visitors of this blog would enjoy seeing this rose pic and/or this soft toning a bit, I would be so happy…
(^ v ^)

As I wrote in the title of this blog post,
now I’d like to talk about a new organising idea of my blog.
(^ v ^)

I use Adobe Pf (Portfolio App) to make this site.
And there is no function for automatically organising blog posts in this app so far.
So I have been placing every post on some pages manually. 
But placing many blog posts in one page is not good for sharing with other people if you want to share just one post. 

So today I’m going to change my way about the blog posting on my site. 
That is to say, I 'm going to place every blog post on individual page 
even it’s so short. 
And I’m also going to make an entrance page 
which is displaying every blog page
 so that everybody can reach every blog post easily. 

I hope it will let everybody feel better on my blog pages.
Thank you for reading this long post. 
(^ v ^)
I wish you a lovely day.

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