Miah kindly introduced my website to her friends on Facebook
23 Apr 2018

Recently my lovely friend Miah kindly introduced my website to her friends and visitors at her Facebook post. 

So happy!!
\(^ v ^)/
And I’m always so happy to have this always warm-hearted, spiritually peaceful and very creative friend in my life. 
\(> v <)/
Today I would like to introduce her to you. 
Miah is a very gifted graphic designer and photographer. Her photos are always impressive and very imaginative. 
I’m sure you’ll get a lot of inspiration on her photo pages.

PS (about the cover photo ⬇︎ of this blog post ) written on 22 Nov

Some of you might be interested in this cover photo which is placed on my blog entrance page.
I needed to place a photo as a button linked to this blog page. 
But I felt the above screenshot didn’t harmonise with other photos on the entrance page when I saw the test preview.
So I made this photo using my old street shot and Photoshop then added the words. 
I sometimes use free mockup psds (available on the web) to make mockups at the request of clients.
But I haven’t been knowing how to make a mockup psd until today.
But I accidentally found how to make a mockup psd in this process.
And now what I'm happy about is I will be able to change the words on this photo freely later.
(^ o ^)
This shot was taken in 2006 with compact camera CASIO EX-P600, the first digital camera in my life.
I loved the camera so much but it had broken down and I was sad…
I’d like to talk about this camera and the shots more on this site in the near future. 
( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈ )
A Street Shot with some words on the road.

Miah kindly introduce my website to her friends blog cover photo

Thank you for reading this post.
(^ v ^)/
I wish you a twinkling day!

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