A splendid red vintage car which was born in 1911
alt="The car was placed in front of Cronulla beach under the lovely sunny blue sky. This photo was taken by mari m."
I went to Cronulla, 5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show (14 Apr 2019).

I had been worrying the weather since forecast was quite bad a few days ago.
But again God gave us a miracle! ⬆︎⬇︎Look at the lovely morning sunlight in my photos on this page! 
\(^ v ^)/

As always I was extremely excited at the wonderful atmosphere and the amazing beauty of the cars! 
And I love seeing people smiling a lot there!! 
A little bit later I noticed that there were a lot of donation buckets everywhere, on the ground and beside of the cars. 
So we could easily donate secretly anytime everywhere. 
Great idea!
\(^ v ^)/

You didn't know the purpose of this car show?
If you would read this page when you have free time, you would find the wonderful story which warms our heart, and I might meet you at the show next year.
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5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show (Cronulla 2019)
alt="This is a morning scene in front of Cronulla beach. This area was filled with exquisite vintage cars and curious and lovely people. This photo was taken by mari m"
Of course I met him (Ken) and he looked healthier and so cute as always!! My heart was jumping!  
I even had some lovely opportunities to short-chat with car owners, I was so happy to talk with all of them! 
I really appreciate the warm-hearted smiles!
(^ v ^)

And some of them even asked me whether my shooting photos of vintage car is free or $5. 
I had never thought such kind of thing at all. 
(* o *)
So I could not answer quickly and whispered so to me in my mouth. 
But soon I thought about it and answered a little bit later, "Shooting a vintage car is free if the owners allow me to display the photos on my website. "

This was a private conversation, but I'd like to place this here, because I came to feel that some of you might want to ask a question about this kind of thing. 
So placing it here might be a help for some of you...
(^ v ^)>"

I took the first photo on this page ⬆︎ in the morning, and I enjoyed the amazing colours and refreshing sea breeze in this scene, and of course the breathtaking beauty of this car too!!
\(^ 0 ^)/

Then I felt I'd like to take a photo without the "information board" which was placed beside of the car in the composition. 
So I asked moving the board, and the car owner kindly accepted the request. 
So I could take a set of shots for the angle, and more shots with other angles happily.
I’m looking forward to editing the shots in the very near future. 
I really appreciate his warm smiles and kindness!
(^ v ^)
Aww!! But I forgot to take a shot of the information board! 
I really should take the photo of it! 
So now I can’t know the name of the car and the story! 
(* A *;)>"
If one of you took a photo of the information board, please share with me, and I’d like to share it with everybody here, if you are OK about it.
(^ v ^)

For this blog post, I had been editing two photos.
And yesterday I could finished the ones. 
The followings are about photo processing, so if you are not interested in this kind of story, please skip the part and jump to the last paragraph.
(^ v ^)
I took this shot as RAW files, and edited as PSD files.
Then I usually edit my photos with photo editing softwares, named Lightroom and Photoshop.
But this time I used trial version of other softwares Aurora HDR and Liminar for the first time.
Because I took hundreds of "Exposure bracketing" shots and I usually blend/mix them by editing each shot to match the brightness by hand-editing one by one, but it’s very time consuming. So I’d like to use a HDR software to speed up my workflow. 
(^ o ^)
At first, I was impressed the speed and functionality that they allow to make layers, and in spite of the file size(6GB when I still was keeping history in the Aurora and later I decided to delete the history because the speed came to be very slow) the speed was far faster than Photoshop. 
But when I brought the resulting file into Photoshop, I noticed a lot of odd HDR artifact(artefact) symptoms and odd noises, so I had to spend a lot of time to fix them. 
/(> 0 <;)\
Then I was shocked at the compression artefact symptoms which are not acceptable for me. 
I found the symptoms when I converted the PSD file to JPG at the end of my process. 
/(X A X;)\
So I had to work other unwanted difficult editing works to fix it. 
And I had to upload the first photo as a very large sized JPG without any optimization which I usually add. 
Because the bad gradation (tone jump) looks a little bit better in a larger sized photo. 
But the larger sized photo takes a time to load. 
I'm sorry for the slowness of loading for everybody. 
m(_   _)m

I severely got fed up these tough fixing works because of the results of the two softwares. 
So now I feel I rather prefer to mix my bracketing shots by myself not using HDR softwares (by editing each shot to match the brightness by hand editing one by one…) 
As I wrote, and I always feel, this is very time consuming but I feel that this is a good example of "Haste makes waste." 
(^ v ^;)>"

Anyway, the first photo on this page is made from 7 "Exposure bracketing" shots. 
And Second photo on this page is made from 6 bracketing shots. 
How do you feel about these two finished photos?
(^ o ^)
I would be so happy and appreciate it a lot if I could hear your comment via "Contact" page.
Please feel free to use the "Contact" page anytime any reason. 
(^ v ^)
Thank you for reading this blog post. 
I wish you a brilliant day!
(^ v ^)

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