Ducks were waiting…
 2 Dec 2018
Ducks were waiting…
alt="alt attribute: Two ducks are on the sea water. They are waiting for foods and male duck is watching me."
Recently I wanted a photo to decorate a email when I was writing to a friend.
And I picked up this shot from the pile of my photos. 
(^ v ^)

A couple of ducks were strolling around our old rusty boat ramp/slope/rails 
as they were waiting for some pieces of bread which would be given by my husband or me. 

I took this shot at the jetty of our boathouse.
I didn’t know ducks love the crust more than soft parts of the bread. 
But every duck whom I met definitely loves the crust far more!
(Maybe because the parts are more aromatic than soft parts. )
While the fishes love soft parts, 
And actually my husband loves feeding them so much!
So everybody were so happy at such moments.
(^ v ^) 

Look at his eye! 
He is waiting for bread…
Those couples were so cute!!! 
I also love feeding them so much. 
I miss them.....
(T o T)

I had only one lens (100mm Macro lens) for my main camera in those days (now I have one more, 16-35mm). 
But in this case, I could be so close to them because they trusted me as a familiar feeder. 
So I didn’t need to feel to want to longer lens and I could take shots of them enough closely.

But I cropped it to 4/5 size to show them more closely. 
And I like the result!
(^ o ^) 

Thank you for reading this post. 
(^ v ^)
I wish you a joyful day.

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