I love seeing vintage cars and bikes.

You too?

I am making a web photo gallery which displays almost all my vintage car/bike photos at the event
(The construction work of the gallery is making slow progress, but always I continue to do it ).
I brought some sample photos from the gallery and placed them at the bottom of this page.
(Please click on photos for larger views if you’d like.)
(^ v ^)

I am making the private gallery as my sincere expression of gratitude to the dear vintage car/bike owners who kindly gave me the wonderful opportunities to take these photos.

While actually these photos have many people/Ford or other car logos/number plates/other signs in the composition (without any pixelation so far). 
And I didn’t get any "model/property release" forms at those moments. 
And I am not an expert of laws about privacy or any others.
So I just feel I should not share "many" such photos on a web page publicly.
And I would like to keep my Vintage Car/Bike Photo Gallery 
as a private gallery only for the car/bike owners of the event.

Anyway whether you are the one of vintage car/bike owners or not, 
please feel free to contact me via the "Contact"page if you have any question, 
request for the access to the private gallery, comment or any other reason and would like. 

Thank you so much for reading such a long note.
I wish you have nice time on this page
and wish you a brilliant day.
(^ v ^)

PS. I made some blog posts about this year’s event (5th Sylvanvale Pre-WWII Vintage Car Show) and/or just about photos taken at the show.
Please check them if you’d like. 
(^ v ^)

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