A weed fluff and her bloom sisters

A weed fluff and her bloom sisters were in a shade of abandoned business building. 
I have been knowing this plant but didn’t know the name. But I searched and found the name.

Actually this plant reminds me of days at the rental boathouse gardens…
(about the boathouse)
That is to say, I sometimes used to see this kind of plant in the gardens at our boathouse. 
The owner of the boathouse didn't like any weeds.
But it seemed he didn't have enough time to maintain the gardens keeping as weed free. 
So I often could see this weed in our property and sometimes I took photos of one of them. 
And I used to like this plant as the fluffs are so cute.
But since I found they tend to have many aphids on whole plant bodies,
and I learnt that aphids bring bad bacterias and bad viruses, 
and my violas were so weak against the attacks by aphids when they were in very sensitive state. 
So I came not to like the plant.
Because I had been fighting for my roses and violas against aphids with tweezers and magnifying glasses, and it was so tough for me (I chose the way as I don't like killer chemicals for this purpose). 
But one day, I read an article about aphids on an organic gardening website.
The article author says,
"When you find aphids on your roses in the organic garden. Let it be as they are. This is the best advice for you." 
Sometime later I made my rose bed to be as an organic garden bed, 
and after a while after switching, I could feel this tip is true and it works quite truely on organic gardens. 
(^ - ^)b

I edited this photo using Lightroom and Photoshop photo editing apps.
Adding textures in a photo was new to me and it was fun.
(^ o ^)

Thank you for reading this long post.
(^ v ^)
I wish you a pretty happy day.

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