Dear Vintage Car/Bike owner,
Thank you so much for visiting my private photo gallery. 
I’m so happy because I have been preparing this gallery as my sincere expression of gratitude to you dear vintage car/bike owner who kindly gave me the wonderful opportunities to take these photos.
I really appreciate your kind visit.
(^ v ^)

I'd like to make this gallery so that you can see most of my 2018 photos taken at the show.
But firstly, it took me a while to make this site and the galleries.
And actually I was originally planning to display completely unedited photos in this private gallery. 
But I came to worry about problems which are can be happen if I release such unedited photos, those pictures may contain children’s faces, signboards of shops, trademarks and other informations, and if the photos leak out on the internet due to some mistakes or misunderstandings, there is a possibility that it will be big problems because no one can stop spreading these photos across the world via internet. 
So, I have to edit each photos at least partly to prevent such kind of problems.
And I started and noticed that it will take far more time than I thought.
I will need a lot of time to reach the goal.

And recently, I can't have much time to edit photos to be placed in this gallery.
But still I am editing photos little by little without giving up and aiming for the goal.
So please come back and check this gallery occasionally, if you'd like…
(^ v ^)

Each photo at this gallery is not completed yet so far. 
And will be completed when there is request. 
Because I needs to know the final size and purpose of the photo to edit. 
If the size is unknown, I can’t add relevant sharpness to a photo. 
And there is different process when the purpose (print or email etc) is different. 

While I’d like to talk about sharing these photos.
I partly added mosaic or motion blur effects on child’s faces or trademarks in the photos. 
But these photos are still not completed, many photos still may have people, trademarks, logo, number plates and so on without mosaic.
And I heard Ford is very sensitive about their trademark and some mothers hate their child’s face are photographed and shared on the web.
So please do not to share the photos in this gallery publicly and on the web at all.
When someone sees a publicly shared photo which includes things/face of her/him, 
and the the person might not be pleased with the release of photos or her/his heart might be hurt.
Please imagine about it.

I'm making this gallery to share these photos with dear vehicle owners to share enjoyment of seeing the beauty of vehicles privately. 

And I will help making private photo prints for your house, or to make photos on your emails or blogs (but the photo on the web should be completely edited for trademarks or faces) if you would like. 

 And please feel free to contact me if you have any question, request, comment or any other reason and would like. 
Thank you so much for reading this long note.
I wish you have a nice moment at this gallery. 
(^ v ^)
mari m
reference number for each photo
↑ (1) 004A1657-HDR (2) 004A1665-71
↑ (3) 004A1702 (4) 004A1705
↑ (5) 004A1706 (6) 004A1708
↑ (7) 004A1711 (8) 004A1713
↑ (9) 004A1714 (10) 004A1715
↑ (11) 004A1716 (12) 004A1717
↑ (13) 004A1718 (14) 004A1719

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